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My E-Experience

MY E-XPERIENCE By Susan Isaacs This is what it was supposed to be: a short mystery story that would be part of an anthology.  The only requirements were it had to be set within the last seventy-five years in New York City.  Piece o’ cake, right? Right.  Except I don’t write a lot of short […]

A Hint of Strangeness

The Washington Post said, “Nobody does smart, gutsy, funny, sexy women better than Susan Isaacs.”  Add to that praise the adjective “strong,” and you’ve got Susan’s latest protagonist, Marianne Kent.  Her life may not seem thrilling – living with her widowed mother, majoring in economics, working in an elegant dress store after classes to put […]

Excerpt from the new Susan Isaacs novel, “Violet Hopkins”

Enjoy this tidbit from my next novel!  

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