Coming Soon! Bad, Bad Seymour Brown, the sequel to Takes one to Know One

Write the Story You Want to Tell

Thursday, Jul 26, 2012
“Write the Story You Want to Tell” appeared in The Writer. Read it as a PDF. – The Writer

Hangin’ Tough for the NEA

Friday, Jun 29, 2012
Susan on funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Featured in the New York Post!

Thursday, Jun 28, 2012
Susan and her house on Long Island were featured in an article called “Write On!” in the New York Post on August 20, 2009. Check it out here.

WRITERS ON WRITING; After Two Decades, Returning to the Character Who Started It All

Saturday, Nov 5, 2011
Originally published in The New York Times, November 5, 2001. A petite madeleine dipped in a lime-blossom tisane got Proust’s narrator started. Sensing that the analogous experience for the protagonist of my as-yet-unwritten first novel would be an encounter with a Hebrew National hot dog, I set aside the notion of an exquisitely observed seven volumes and wrote a whodunit. Write about what you know: like me in the mid-70’s, Judith Singer, the hero of that book, was a suburban housewife with two young children, a husband who commuted into the grown-up world of Manhattan and a passion for murder mysteries.

Women In History – News 12 Long Island

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Watch my interview with News 12′s Judy Martin:  

Coming Soon: Paperback for As Husbands Go

Sunday, May 1, 2011
Susan’s twelfth novel, _As Husbands Go, _will be released in paperback on April 5, 2011.

The Inspiration for As Husbands Go

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011
She began as someone for whom bravery was defined as electing to wear wide-leg pants in a season of skinny crops. Was there a way for such a woman not only to think courageously, but to act it? Or was it simply too late? I’ve got a license to daydream. Being a novelist is the adult version of a kid creating a make-believe world. But unlike a child, a writer of fiction has to come up with a structured story, one that has as much meaning for others as it has for her.

Fun with Friends

Monday, Nov 22, 2010
Great week! I interviewed Nelson DeMille in front of a packed audience in Port Washington, New York’s cultural center, Landmark on Main Street. Then down to Miami for the Book Fair where I appeared with my writing pal Carol Higgins Clark: We wound up interviewing each other. One great question for us both: What book would you like to write that you haven’t written? We both had the same answer…not a book, a play.


Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010
Today, the official publication date of_ As Husbands Go_, I’m going to Joan Smith’s flower shop on Main Street in Port Washington for a _Newsday_ photo shoot. Well, “photo shoot” sounds kind of four-pages-in-_Vogue_, and for all I know this could be a teeny black and white accompanying the paper’s review of my novel. But the point is that Joan matters. On the Acknowledgments page, I thanked her for teaching me what I needed to know about floral design.

Can we not think pink?

Monday, May 17, 2010
Sunday, I watched the Mets lose to the Giants. Not quite the Mother’s Day gift this baseball fan was hoping for, but at least my team put on a good show, especially with many of them swinging pink bats. They lost by an honorable 6-5. The pink bats were Major League Baseball’s tribute to Mom. They’ll be auctioned off (along with commemorative plates with pink breast cancer awareness ribbon logos) to benefit the Susan G.