Coming Soon! Bad, Bad Seymour Brown, the sequel to Takes one to Know One


Wednesday, May 12, 2010
There are literary writer/saints, of course: my saint-in-chief being Jane Austen with Charlotte Brontë floating on a cloud only slightly lower. And over there is Charles Dickens. Then there are my personal writer/saints, other writers who have shown great heart and generosity when doing absolutely nothing would have been fine. Today Jennifer Wiener is right up there, having given my new presence on Facebook page an absolutely unsolicited endorsement on her wall: Susan Isaacs (aka my favorite writer in the world) is on Facebook!

He “Will Be Missed.” Yeah? By Whom?

Tuesday, Mar 2, 2010
He “Will Be Missed.” Yeah? By Whom? Forget mindfulness, that living in the moment business. How can we take pleasure in the scents and sight of the Capresso dribbling latte when we know we’re due for so much obligatory sorrowing? So much missing to do! Google “will be missed” if you’re dubious and see the nation’s to-do list. Not that it’s all heartrending work. Oprah Winfrey’s daytime talk show “will be missed,” along with the Air America, Ugly Betty, Paula Abdul’s hair styles on TV, and Senator Edward M.

As Husbands Go

Friday, Jan 1, 2010
Susan’s twelfth novel, the tragic-hilarious As Husbands Go, will be published by Scribner on July 6, 2010.

The Not-So-Mystifing Mystery of Northwest 188

Friday, Dec 11, 2009
For a mystery writer like me, much of the why the plane overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles conjecture has been deeply unsatisfying. Like “The pilot and copilot got preoccupied with smarmy online videos/labor-management” theory or the “They fell asleep” hypothesis. Several people I spoke with posited the Lost Boys had been engaged in some traitorous conspiracy or sex act so enthralling they failed to notice the 16th largest metropolitan area in the United States.


Friday, Jul 10, 2009
Welcome to my thrillingly updated website, Fine: I can’t guarantee unrelenting ecstasy. But besides the new, jazzy format, I’ve added a lot more content. Like this blog. Before I became a novelist, I worked as an advice to the lovelorn columnist, magazine editor, political speechwriter, and freelancer, doing everything from editing a cook book to making up questions for a TV quiz show to writing quickie radio spots on fashion for Women’s Wear Daily.

RIP VIP: We Will Always Love You Michael… Or at Least Until Next Tuesday

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2009
“RIP VIP: We Will Always Love You Michael… Or at Least Until Next Tuesday” appeared on the Huffington Post on July 8 2009. – Huffington Post

Susan shows her Pride

Sunday, Jun 28, 2009
Susan (in hideous straw hat) was honored to hold the NOW banner in New York’s Gay pride Parade.

The Inspiration for Past Perfect

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009
Before I wrote Past Perfect, some random ideas were floating around in my head. The first was what a tight grip the past has on the present. For so many of us, a long-ago relationship (a lost love, a callous parent) or an event that happened years earlier (getting fired, being the victim of an unjust accusation) still has so much power in our lives. Friends advise, “You’re thirty/fifty/eighty. Get over it.

The Shmegege Vote: 2008

Thursday, Aug 21, 2008
“The Shmegege Vote: 2008” originally appeared on the Huffington Post on August 21, 2008. – Huffington Post

The Inspiration for Lily White

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2008
Sometimes a character just pops into my head, somewhat clear if not fully formed. That was definitely the case with Judith Singer in Compromising Positions and Steve Brady in Magic Hour. But after I finished my sixth novel (After All These Years), nobody came through that door between my subconscious and my working, writerly brain. Well, so what: I needed a rest. I went about my life thinking my usual random thoughts.