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Being a Hell of a Guy Doesn’t Do It

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2000
“Being a Hell of a Guy Doesn’t Do It” originally appeared in Newsday on January 19, 2000. – Newsday

2001 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Awards Dinner Annual

Saturday, Jan 1, 2000
This speech was given at the 2001 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Awards Dinner Annual. – Mystery Writers of America

My Mets

Tuesday, Oct 19, 1999
“My Mets” originally appeared in Newsday on October 19, 1999. – Newsday

A Look at… Women on Screen

Sunday, Aug 15, 1999
“A Look at… Women on Screen: Searching for More Than a Sex Symbol” originally appeared in The Washington Post on August 15, 1999. – The Washington Post

The Inspiration for Red, White and Blue

Wednesday, Aug 4, 1999
When I write, character comes first. This time though, two people came into my head and demanded to be in the same novel. I wasn’t sure why: one was Lauren Miller, a woman in her late 20s from New York, a reporter who hasn’t exactly made it to the top of the journalistic heap; she works for the Jewish News, or, as she reverently calls it, Jew New. The other is FBI Special Agent Charlie Blair from Wyoming.

The Inspiration for Magic Hour

Saturday, Feb 1, 1992
This guy wouldn’t leave me alone. He came to me shortly after my second novel. It wasn’t only the question of why a man would want me to write his fictional autobiography, but why this particular man? Steve is a recovering alcoholic, Vietnam veteran, recovering heroin addict, half Protestant, half Catholic homicide cop. Oh, and he grew up on a farm, which isn’t exactly my turf. However, I do view a character coming into my head as a gift, so I decide to give it a try.

The Inspiration for Close Relations

Saturday, Feb 1, 1992
Before I turned to fiction, I had two jobs: as an editor at Seventeen magazine (where I also wrote advice to the lovelorn) and as a freelance political speechwriter. I’ve always had a wide range of interests, from politics, film, baseball, American culture to the more traditional female pursuits of cooking, needlework, and gardening. My first novel, the satirical whodunit Compromising Positions, was such a success (a Book of the Month Club main selection, movie deal, big paperback auction, translated into thirty languages) that the common wisdom was Do It Again.

Long Island Style

Sunday, Jan 1, 1989
“Long Island Style” was written in 1998, for the NY Times Long Island section. – The New York Times

Friends, Friends, Friends: Female Buddy Movies

Sunday, Jan 1, 1989
“Friends, Friends, Friends: Female Buddy Movies” was written in 1989 for the NY Times Arts and Leisure section. – The New York Times