Susan Isaacs

Close Relations

Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: Aug 1, 1980
ISBN: 9780061735318
Published: Aug 1, 1980

Marcia Green is a sophisticated, witty, successful New Yorker, a whiz of a political speech writer, a woman who finds a smoke-filled room more intoxicating than a magnum of champagne. Her private life is a little less bubbly. She has a passionate but not very promising live-in relationship with her boss’s dashing chief of staff, Jerry Morrissey. He offers her only a good time – but what a time!

Can Marcia resist when a new man arrives on the scene, a man who is exactly the sort her family wants her to marry – bright, kind, attractive, wealthy, and charming- in short, too good to be real?

Marcia’s determination to find the right kind of man, as well as the right kind of life, makes Close Relations a compelling novel. It is a book that says something very important about the things that are vital to all of us, about men and women, about sex, money, work, family values and about what we need most in today’s world – close relations.

>> Susan’s inspiration for Close Relations.

A risible romp throughout…Delightful…witty…astringent and candid — the snappy dialogue yielding up laughs on every page, the love story tender and satisfying, the plot pulsing with adrenalin.”
Publishers Weekly
When Rhett swept Scarlett up the stairs, women had their ultimate fantasy. No more. Thanks to Susan Isaacs and Close Relations, we now have a wonderful new fantasy to titillate ourselves with. He’s smart, funny, rich, handsome and ardently sexy.”
— Kitty Kelley, bestselling author of The Royals
John Barkham Reviews
Hilarious one minute…intensely erotic the next.”
The Denver Post
The novel that gets better and better and better. A book with three happy endings.”
Washington Post Book World
Superb, frequently hilarious…A lively diversion.”
Kirkus Reviews
[Susan Isaacs is a] witty, wry observer of the contemporary scene.”
The New York Times Book Review