Susan Isaacs

Long Time No See

Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: Sep 9, 2001
ISBN: 9780061030437
Published: Sep 9, 2001
Published: Sep 9, 2001

Judith Singer is back! After twenty years Susan Isaacs brings us back the heroine fromCompromising Positions, her first and most beloved novel and returns to a great suspense story set in suburbia. Judith’s life has changed. She now has her doctorate in history. Her workaday hours are spent at St. Elizabeth’s College, mostly squandered in history department shriek-fests. She is also a widow. Her husband Bob died one half-day after triumphantly finishing the New York City Marathon in four hours and twelve minutes. And although twenty years have passed without seeing him, she still cannot get her former lover, Nelson Sharpe of the Nassau County Police Department, out of her system.

With Courtney Logan’s dramatic disappearance, all eyes turn instantly toward her husband, Greg Logan, son of Long Island mobster Philip “Fancy Phil” Lowenstein. But since there is no body, there is no arrest. Then, in the less-than-merry month of May, Judith comes home from work, turns on the radio, and hears the Logans' pool man telling a reporter that he opened the pool and found . . . a raccoon? Not quite. “I see, you know, it’s a body! Jeez. Believe it or not, I’m still shaking.” The woman in the pool turns out to be Courtney, and now it’s officially homicide. And Judith comes alive! She offers her services to the police’s chief suspect, Greg Logan, but he shows her the door, thinking her just another neighborhood nut. But his father isn’t so sure: Fancy Phil may have other plans for her.

Long Time No See is Susan Isaacs at her wickedly observant best. With razor-sharp wit and an irresistible mystery, she brings us back in touch with an engaging, endearing and irreverent heroine we haven’t seen in far too long.

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I can think of no other novelist - popular or highbrow - who consistently celebrates female gutsiness, brains and sexuality. She’s Jane Austen with a schmear.”
— Maureen Corrigan, “Fresh Air,” National Public Radio
…what made Judith such fun in the first place were her wit and her wiles, and the years have been kind to both.”
Entertainment Weekly
The kind of book you follow people around with, saying “Wait, wait! Just listen to one more line. Listen to this!” Intimate, irreverent and revealing, this is girl talk at its best. You don’t need to have read Compromising Positions to love this book.”
The Washington Post
This long-awaited sequel to the best-selling comic mystery Compromising Positions (1978) reintroduces feisty Long Islander Judith Singer…A gripping plot with skillfully rendered secondary characters and plenty of tart humor make this sequel every bit as entertaining as its predecessor.”
Old friends, a former lover, and some quirky new characters populate Judith’s world and showcase Isaac’s sharp, often satirical style. The familiar mix of murder, humor, and wry social observation will delight her many readers.”
Library Journal
Hilarious satire of suburbia.”
People Magazine
Jam-packed with witty exchanges of dialogue, wry observations and Judith’s entertaining foibles, the book is good fun. Crime in the suburbs of Nassau County may never be the same again.”
The Boston Globe
The 20 years between Isaac’s bestselling Compromising Positions and this second book to feature amateur sleuth Judith Singer have not affected the author’s talent for snappy dialogue and astringent assessments of cant and pretension.”
Publishers Weekly (boxed review)
Isaacs does it again: skewering the pretensions of upscale suburbanites and in a tender, funny romance.”
Kirkus Starred Review