Takes One to Know One

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Takes One to Know One is “a good one….Turns out, [ex-FBI agent turned suburbanite] Corie’s still got it, but it leads her straight into a deadly trap. Corie’s combat skills and investigative prowess are still up to snuff, but her snarky commentary and hilarious interactions with her father are the real page-turners here.


Takes One to Know One

Corie Geller has plunged into the happy suburban married existence she’d hoped for: whip-smart husband, adorable stepdaughter, loveable rescue dog, free-lance work for a literary agency. It’s all exceedingly pleasant but not exhilarating–especially for an ex-FBI agent who must keep her past job in counterterrorism secret.

Then one Wednesday, at her weekly restaurant lunch with other locals who work from home, Corie’s focus is drawn to one of the regulars. That’s when it hits her: Something’s off with this guy.  Okay, just a hunch, but no way can he be what everyone thinks. As with Corie herself, he has a hidden life.  Or at least that’s what her training and experience are whispering to her—as well as her gut feeling—maybe because it takes one to know one.

Takes One to Know One is the first in the Corie Geller series.