Can we not think pink?

Sunday, I watched the Mets lose to the Giants. Not quite the Mother’s Day gift this baseball fan was hoping for, but at least my team put on a good show, especially with many of them swinging pink bats. They lost by an honorable 6-5. The pink bats were Major League Baseball’s tribute to Mom. […]


There are literary writer/saints, of course: my saint-in-chief being Jane Austen with Charlotte Brontë floating on a cloud only slightly lower.  And over there is Charles Dickens. Then there are my personal writer/saints, other writers who have shown great heart and generosity when doing absolutely nothing would have been fine. Today Jennifer Wiener is right […]

He “Will Be Missed.” Yeah? By Whom?

He “Will Be Missed.” Yeah? By Whom? Forget mindfulness, that living in the moment business. How can we take pleasure in the scents and sight of the Capresso dribbling latte when we know we’re due for so much obligatory sorrowing? So much missing to do! Google “will be missed” if you’re dubious and see the […]

The Not-So-Mystifing Mystery of Northwest 188

For a mystery writer like me, much of the why the plane overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles conjecture has been deeply unsatisfying. Like “The pilot and copilot got preoccupied with smarmy online videos/labor-management” theory or the “They fell asleep” hypothesis. Several people I spoke with posited the Lost Boys had been engaged in some traitorous conspiracy or […]


Welcome to my thrillingly updated website,  Fine: I can’t guarantee unrelenting ecstasy.  But besides the new, jazzy format, I’ve added a lot more content.  Like this blog.  Before I became a novelist, I worked as an advice to the lovelorn columnist, magazine editor, political speechwriter, and freelancer, doing everything from editing a cook book […]