1 Patti Collins
I have read most everything you have written and I still love Magic Hour the best. Please keep writing – I just love your perspective and your writing

3 August 2011

2 Joan Betty Stuchner
Susan, I write children’s books, and if the kids who read my books are left with the same feeling of satisfaction after reading one of my books that I have after reading one of yours, my life will have been worthwhile. I feel as if I’m actually one of the characters in your stories, and I hate it when your books end – even though I’m left smiling. You have a gift. Thanks for using it.

14 July 2011

3 Anita Luna
Enjoyed As Husbands Go. Laughed so hard at dad’s
“pilled sweater” , the tears ran.

2 April 2011

4 Karen Ehrle
It’s a joyful season, The 2011 Spring of Susan Isaacs. In an effort to read all your books, I just finished Past Perfect. It’s delightful. The paragraph beginning “Maddy viewed hospitality as a weakness” is so good, I’ve begun emailing it around. It’s something to consider: If hospitality is our mission, what about our essence?
Thanks for good thinking and good fun,

2 April 2011

5 Peggy Goodman
I really enjoyed As Husbands Go. I love your sense of humor.

30 January 2011


6 Laurie
I haven’t read ALL of them, but so far I love your books.
I just can’t put them down. I read two on my last vacation! I’m originally from Long Island and I like the references.
I just finished As Husbands Go.Interesting ending.I didn’t see THAT coming!
Just want you to know I’m a big fan of your work.
Can’t wait for your next book. (no pressure)

30 January 2011

7 Gloria Denning
Susan read and loved all your books and as a librarian am pleased to say hooked others as well. My husband is also a fan. I am just finishing As Husbands Go on my iPad and he is reading it on the Kindle. ain’t life grand?

29 January 2011

8 Jan Yenor
I love “As Husbands go” – which I am reading right now. I am glad to see you have something new out in the style that I love. Anything else coming out soon?

7 January 2011

9 Melinda Karin
My favorite novel of all time is “Almost Paradise,” and I just got through reading it for the fifth time since the middle eighties, and each time it is a wonderful experience, although, of course, by this time I know how it ends. Each time I have finished reading it, I am left wanting a continuation to the lives of the Cobleigh family; how NIcholas, the girls, and the rest of the family dealt with and fared after Jane’s death. As I am a few years older than you, I don’t know how much time I have left to savor another tome about the Colbeigh-Tuttle clan, but I surely wish you would write one.

11 December 2010

10 maryanne
I just started As Husbands Go and I’m enjoying it already.
I have enjoyed all your books. You mention Madison High School. Did you attend James Madison H.S. in Brooklyn?

6 December 2010
11 Kathy Hansen
Given that you are one of my favorite authors, I’m surprised I’ve read only 5 of your books. (My favorite remains Almost Paradise.) That means I have a bunch to look forward to. As Husbands Go is next on my list. Thanks for lots of reading pleasure!

19 November 2010

12 vicki
Susan – I have read and loved all of your books. I just got through with As Husbands Go and to me it was so sad that I can’t forget about it yet. You made Jonah so perfect that he just didn’t need to die. I like it better when the one who is murdered deserved it at least a little bit. I KNOW its just fiction. When is your next book coming out?

8 November 2010

13 Christine Featonby
Susan, please ignore BB Joyner’s rude comments. You look fab and your teeth are to be envied. as is your tremendous talent. Love your books, am now in a mammoth re-read of them all. Keep up the good work!

7 November 2010

14 Joy Povec
I did not realize this novel (apparently written by an extreme left-wing nutcase) was a tirade against conservatism. After a few chapters I lost interest in the book and characters since I could not relate to their political ignorance.

7 October 2010

15 Janet Fricke (Texas)
I just finished “As Husbands Go”, could NOT put it down! I Thought I was brilliant in naming the villain, but oh, was I wrong! I read the book in one day. Loved it—-

20 September 2010


16 Eugenie Harvey
ohhhhh I LOVE your books (I haven’t read them all yet but am plowing my way through). Perhaps a bit oddly – my favorite one is Magic Hour. But I love them all! How doo you doo it!? Can’t wait to return the 2 I read over the weekend to the library and get some new ones. Love ’em! Eugenie of Amherst, MA

20 September 2010


19 September 2010

18 Shelly Fredman
Dear Susan,
Many years ago I picked up Compromising Positions and I absolutely fell in love with your writing. It was the first of the light mystery genre I’d read, and it literally changed my life. I started writing a series of my own, and your books were the inspiration. Thank you so much for playing such a significant role in my writing career. PS, I have read After All These Years so many times, I could probably quote it verbatim.

11 September 2010

19 Judith Palmer Blin
Looking forward to enjoying your new book as much as all the others. Once a decade I reread them all and the characters seem like old friends.

23 August 2010

20 Sheryl Zukofsky
Work at Camp Chipinaw, know that you went there, love that you mention that in your book.

22 August 2010


21 Elaine Galinson
I have recently discovered your books and love them. I have been recommending them to all my friends.

16 August 2010

22 georgia herina
SI:I love your books.I read an interview that said you liked Stendhal and Doris Lessing.so do I! Have you ever read Salley Vicker’s THE OTHE SIDE OF YOU????? It’s outstanding.

11 August 2010

23 marsha
I just finished reading “As Husbands Go” and I loved the story, but I wonder why you had to do so much Bush bashing in it. It really did not add anything to the story. I just wonder is your next one will be the same, if so I will not read it. But, I am sure you really don’t care.

10 August 2010

24 Roslyn Hope Zatuchni Klein
I adore your books; “Shining Through” is one of my all-time favorites. Your N.Y. wit reminds me of Donal Westlake, another favorite. I also love who you are as a person and feel a bond; I was married to an Asst. D.A but did not have your “mazel”. PLEASE tell the world that they should NOT CONFUSE you with the born-again Susan Isaacs who writes about Lutherans and God.

10 August 2010

25 P. Kilty
Just finished ‘As Husbands go’ and, per usual, it was a good read. However, I noticed something in this book I’d not noticed in your other books – or perhaps I wasn’t as observant – and those were your personal political opinions. Whether I agree or disagree, I found them out of place and I resented both the anti-Bush and the pro-illegal immigrants posits. T hey did not affect my enjoyment of the book but nonetheless find them out of place. If I want ‘opinions’ I can find the elsewhere. Very disappointed.

8 August 2010

26 Marie Alton
I have read most of your books and have enjoyed them all tremendously. I love them all. I feel you must be a wonderfully funny person and a pleasure to have around. Please don’t stop writing I so look forward to your next book. I am just starting “As Husbands Go”, I know I’m going to love it.

31 July 2010

Susie, you need to lose some weight and get a good tooth whitening. Also quit dying your hair. It makes you look really bad.

28 July 2010


28 July 2010

29 CT Mom of 2
Hi Susan, I loved “As Husbands Go” and stayed up late to finish it. Wonderful book and thank you! One mistake I do believe escaped your editor: On the bottom of page 303 (hardcover print edition), attorney Joel Winters calls Susie’s cell phone and says “Dorinda got the client who referred YOUR HUSBAND through College Girl Companions.” (emphasis mine.) However, Joel believes he is speaking to Ethel O’Shea, reporter for the NY Observer — not Susie Gersten. Maybe it’s an easy fix to the ebook version at least! :-)Please keep writing!!!! xoxo

27 July 2010

30 Heidi
Love your books.
On the back of the paperback of “Almost Paradise” that I’m reading it says that is was going to be a mini series on ABC-TV. Did that ever happen? Can’t seem to find any info on that on the net.

25 July 2010


31 Elizabeth Kamras
Finished As Husbands Go about 4 days ago. Loved it, as I knew I would. Congratulations another another good read. I started with Compromising Positions in 1977 and have never missed one of your books since. Am grateful I can pre-order at Barnes and Noble.

18 July 2010

32 Pat B
I can’t wait to read this new one! I have read all of your books, and was eagerly awaiting a new one! My favorite so far, which I have reread several times is MAGIC HOUR. Your writing is always terrific,you are a master story teller. Please keep writing. One of your greatest fans, Pat B

17 July 2010

33 Freida Frye
Please be busy writing the further lives of Susie, Grandma Ethel and the boys. It was a lucky day when I discovered your books, now I’m hooked. Thanks!

10 July 2010

34 joy klein
How I enjoy your work! I was re-reading Shining Through and wondered how it got so butchered as a film. As a novel, it’s so incredibly cinematic with killer dialog. Any chance it will ever be made into the film it should have been? Thanks again for all the hours of pleasure you’ve given me over the years.

22 June 2010

35 Patti Collins
I enjoy your books so much and I can’t wait for July to get more! I’ve read Magic Hour so many times I’ve had to replace it twice.

23 May 2010

36 Patti Collins
I enjoy your books so much and I can’t wait for July to get more!

23 May 2010

37 Bobby Rivers
If I’m still on unemployment, I’ll be using some of that money to buy your new book. What a treat!

9 May 2010

38 Jennifer Ensley
Oh my goodness, what delightful writing! I picked up Long Time No See in the teacher’s lounge book sharing rack, just grabbed what was on top of a pile, and am so pleased that I did. I have laughed so hard, tried to figure out “who done it” and plan to read anything with your name attatched to it. I love to read and until now don’t think I had a favorite author, Nora Roberts maybe, but Susan I love ya girl!

23 April 2010

39 Toni Betz
I am in awe of your writing talent! Keep the books coming–there will always be faithful readers.

16 April 2010

40 Arnold Abramowitz
I’ve loved each and every book of yours. Keep them coming!

19 March 2010


41 Anita Field
I look forward to meeting you this week.

8 March 2010

42 Gail Frank
I just read Compromising Positions again to bring myself up to speed to read Long Time No See, which is great. There was one error though– I was thrilled you mentioned Dave Grohl, but you incorrectly said he was the drummer for the Foo Fighters (again, Kudos for even knowing about them!). He was actually the drummer for Nirvana and now plays guitar and sings as front man for the Foos. I haven’t finished the book, but I am happy Judith and Nelson have been reunited!!

12 February 2010

43 Teresa Andrews
I treasure every book you’ve written. When you have a new book out, it’s better than Christmas. I can’t wait for the next one.

28 January 2010

44 Wendy Bisson
Listening to books on tape makes the half-hour drive to work more interesting. Since I have no CD player in the car, and it’s difficult now to locate books on cassette anymore, I pretty much take what I can get. Having never heard of you before (no offense) I happened across one of yours, Long Time No See, over the Christmas holidays, and have been listening to it back and forth for the past week or so. I must say, you’ve made it difficult for me to get out of the car! I am now a big Susan Isaacs fan, and look forward to reading your other work! I loved your reading of the book, too.you sound like someone I would get along well with!

20 January 2010

45 Mario Bercholc
I was not much of a reader until I changed jobs and started using public transportation. I have been reading a fair share in the last two years. I absolutely love the way you write, it is different and captivating. Thank you!!!

16 January 2010


46 Ann
I love your books, especially After All These Years, which made me laugh during a difficult period in my life.Looking forward to your new book in July!

14 January 2010

47 Kathy Mack
I’ve enjoyed your books since Compromising Positions and was able to introduce Any Place I Hang My Hat to my book club. I hope they love it as much as I do. Thank you for writing.

6 January 2010

48 Bob Schneider
I enjoy your Judith Singer mysteries. Am currently re-reading Compromising Positions. It still holds up very well as a murder mystery and is certainly a top-notch “first” novel by anybody’s standards.
Will there be any further Judith Singer adventures forthcoming in the near future?

6 January 2010

49 Gwen Kijak
OK, I have read every book you have written, but I read Almost Paradise every year. My tattered hard cover has been replaced by my friends with 3 paper backs to preserve what remains of the original! Your ability to to intertwine the past into who the character becomes is so impressive to me. Just love the fun you have creating your art!

31 December 2009

50 Cinda Pittman
I have been a huge fan of yours forever! I hope you write another book soon!

2 December 2009


51 Gary Gorlick, MD
Thanks for the work/voice. Reader here for 65 years and just found you. Particularly like the psychological development; the storytelling, and the humor. ALMOST PARADISE is one of the rare books to be be re-read and studied. MORE please.Shalom.GMG

10 October 2009

52 jen
Hi! I just discovered you, and I absolutely love your books. I am a mom with 4 boys and work full time, so your books are my escape! It’s so funny too, because when I have stuff to do, I can’t put your books down, the other night I was reading “after all these years” and refused to go to sleep til I finished it, at 1130! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!!!!!!

4 October 2009

53 Roy Stewart
Hello Susan,
I have just finished “Compromising Positions”. This is my first Susan Isaacs book, and will certainly not be my last!
Love your style, and sense of humor. Keep them coming! I just love your writing.

4 October 2009

54 robin concannon
i just finished your book shining through. i loved it. i just dicovered you. looking forward to more

23 September 2009

55 Valerie Bowman
I went to the library last week searching for a new author to try and happened to pull out “After All These Years.” I flew through it – and plan on picking up another of your books this week.

21 September 2009


56 Ray Walker
Susan,From my heart, L’ Shana Tova.

20 September 2009

57 steph
Love your books, especially enjoy Judith Singer and her police partner – please bring them back

12 September 2009

58 Karen Geders
I love your books. You have a writing style that is very unique. More please!!

9 September 2009

59 Susan
Just finished re-reading Compromising Positions and will begin my re-read of Long time No See later this evening. Adore your writing! Miss the old website format . was so much fun to read your replies to comments. However, read your blog entry and now am anxiously awaiting your new book which will be a fix for my Susan Isaacs jones.

8 September 2009

60 Sue Weston (South Australia)
I have been addicted to your books since you were first published. I reread them constantly and find myself in a constant state of frustration in bookshops because there are no authors who write such enjoyable, incisive and original books. My daughter is similarly afflicted with the same virus. Your books are all uniquely different and I love them all – tears well up at parts of “Almost Paradise” and I alternately laugh/gnash my teeth in parts of “Lily White”. The humour in all is wonderful and not to be missed.

6 September 2009


61 Mary Taylor
I so look forward to my time reading your books – I love them! They are wonderful, and so are you. I read “Past Perfect” recuperating from double hip replacements in May, and that was about the only thing I looked forward to for weeks – going to bed with that book :) God bless!

22 August 2009

62 Mandy Fincham
I’m (unforunately) not a big reader. But I’m reading “Any Place to Hang My Hat” (which I see is not on this site:( And can’t put it down! It’s riveting! Thank you for turning me into a reader!

12 August 2009

63 pearl berman
Dear Ms. Isaacs: I have read and loved every one of your books!When I read “Anyplace I Hang My Hat”, I fell in love with the characters,and proceeded to think about their lives after the book ended.I enthusiastically wrote a scenario for a comedy T.V series based on the funny,.wise,characters in the book and hope to share my ideas with you.
Sincerely,Pearl Berman

10 August 2009

64 Ana Villar
Although I live far away, I have all your books and I love your writing. When can we expect a new book? Best regards.

7 August 2009

65 Ann Stern
Love the website!

16 July 2009


66 Al Stern
Can’t waite for your next book!

15 July 2009

67 joy klein
Any chance that you will ever right a real script for “Shining Through”? it’s such a great story and the screen version I suspect was from another book but, sadly, they forgot to tell the guys at the studio. All your novels are cinematic but mostly they are eminently readable. And so, thanks for the great hours of reading!

14 July 2009

68 Kristine Hanson
Read all your books. They’re wonderful! My favorite is “Shining Through.” What’s next?!

11 July 2009

69 Nancy M
Susan, love your work! Can’t wait for your next book.

11 July 2009